Video 22 Jul 8 notes

It’s finally up!


Had to change the pitch a bit and sacrifice some of the sync, but it’s up! (Go here to hear it normally; it’s unlisted because NAS)

This is a 5D’s MAD opening based on Code Geass R1’s third (and kickass) opening, “The Wings in the Eyes” (“Hitomi no Tsubasa”), which was used for the last two episodes.  Likewise, I made this one to go with the Godwin VS Yusei/Jack/Crow finale to the Dark Signers arc.  Also the opening to an awesome show with JACK ATLAS as the main character.  I picked characters that had similar relationships with Jack as the ones in the CG opening did with Lelouch (so, Crimson Dragon=CC since it gave Jack his birthmark, Aki=Kallen obviously, etc).  I also made the translated lyrics singable, so feel free to sing along. :P

It’s been slowly in the works since early March, so it feels good to finally get it done.  Hope you like it! Special thanks to YYugi for helping me with some of those stills. =)

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    wheeeee… my name is in the credits :D
  2. yyugi said: OMG! Bright colors and effects :D Love the images you chose it all fits perfectly with the song <3 And lol at Yuusei at the end xD
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